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Deep expertise in diverse applications, custom, packaged or open-source, gives you peace of mind while migrating from your legacy to contemporary or from packaged to open-source applications.

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    Why iKomet?

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      Time and Cost Effective

      Efficiently delivered application migration projects on time and within budget

      Robust Adaptation

      Implementing a reliable change management process for seamless transitions

      Diverse Expertise

      Almost a decade of experience working for clients in different industries

      Cutting-edge Expertise

      Driving global digital transformation with expertise in Cloud, AI, and analytic

      Am I Upgrading or Migrating?

      So upgrading is more challenging than you may have thought. What do you do?

      If you are still on a legacy version of Umbraco, it is natural to be alarmed and wonder about the upcoming lack of support.

      Well, migrating your legacy Content Management System (CMS) is your best option to help you progress.

      An application migration project will comprehensively analyse the company’s tech stack, including physical infrastructure and data movement. The company should strategically consider growth and development plans.

      What is the risk if I postpone it for some time?

      Several of our clients asked us this question. The response, truthfully, is not always “No”, as you would desire.

      Going by the rule book, as a company, you probably comprehend the risks of supporting a legacy application that is (or will soon be) most definitely prone to functionality and security issues. Another reason to ponder is the cost of keeping the legacy application; it will become expensive due to the non-availability of skilled resources in the space.

      Improving or extending the website functionality will be a stress-filled project as time passes. Nobody wants to mess with legacy systems, and websites on older CMSs are no exception.

      Since Umbraco 7 will go out of support in over four months, a newly discovered vulnerability may put your website in immediate danger.

      Both these sections are more sounding to be an FAQ Rather would like to talk on the benefits of Umbraco 11.

      Benefits Of Working With Us

      Zero-cost Audit
      Ensure compliance with industry standards by conducting a comprehensive examination of the code, configuration settings, and database structure from development to deployment.
      Efficient Program Management
      Smooth transition to the latest Umbraco version while preserving data integrity, enhancing website performance, and maximizing user experience.
      Quality Assurance
      We ensure seamless transition and optimize website functionality, performance, and compatibility through thorough testing at every stage of the migration and upgrade process.
      Legacy Transformation Expertise
      Leveraging deep knowledge and experience to modernize legacy applications, driving digital innovation, enhancing scalability, and maximizing operational efficiency for sustained business growth.
      Ongoing Support
      Our dedicated team provides expert support throughout the migration and upgrade process. We are here to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide guidance at every step, ensuring a positive and stress-free experience
      Post Migration Support
      Our commitment to your success extends beyond the migration and upgrade itself. We offer reliable post-migration assistance to ensure that any issues or questions are promptly addressed. Our ongoing support helps you maximize the benefits of your Umbraco website

      Our Area of Expertise

      At our core, we are dedicated to fostering powerful partnerships with exceptional systems and individuals to achieve outstanding outcomes. Our meticulous approach involves handpicking cutting-edge technologies and recommending top-tier partners to our clients. This ensures that your project receives the ideal solution, be it enterprise-level, open-source, .NET, or a skilfully blended combination of technologies. With us, you can have full confidence in delivering excellence.
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      Common FAQ's

      Should I really “upgrade” my Umbraco 7 website?

      Support for Umbraco 7 stops on 30th September 2023. Post this date, your website might be vulnerable to attacks due to a lack of security patches and support from the manufacturing. We recommend taking the free audit to know your migration quotient

      Am I Upgrading or Migrating?

      Contrary to what you will hear from all the providers doing their best to convince you that “upgrading” your Umbraco website from version 7 to the latest versions is a somewhat simple process, it isn’t. Most times, at least. iKomet has stellar reviews from clients on legacy application migration and transformation.

      What are the main factors in a migration project?

      Business changes, business models change, business rules change — the web upgrades to accommodate these changes. Rules are revamped. Coding standards are modified. New technology introduces new efficiencies — and further intricacies. Our definitive strategy and program management ensure that all the factors and variables are covered.

      What are the key challenges during a migration project?

      Our comprehensive approach encompasses addressing various critical aspects, including minimizing potential downtime concerns that may incur significant costs, ensuring seamless handling of existing data, meticulous planning to avoid any gaps, optimizing SEO for the existing website, and providing the necessary technical expertise.