Revolutionizing The IT Industry With Artificial Intelligence

At the forefront of technology innovation, our organization specializes in delivering advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to the Information Technology (IT) sector.

Our proficient team possesses a wealth of experience in utilizing AI to improve IT systems and processes, resulting in improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients. Our solutions, tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business, encompass data analysis, automation, and decision-making. Embracing an AI-centric approach, we strive to keep our clients ahead of the curve and drive industry progress. Allow us to demonstrate the transformative power of AI in optimizing your IT operations and elevating your business to new heights.

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A valuable ally in enabling technological advancements to support the next generation in smarter decision-making.

Artificial Intelligence Services

iKomet can Artificial Intelligence (AI) across diverse industries - healthcare, finance, retail, and transformation. Our vast breadth of experience in AI-driven predictive analytics, AI-based data analysis, and AI-enabled solutions has helped many businesses drive exponential growth.

We engage our advanced knowledge on Natural Language Processing (NLP) for intelligent two-way communications between users and chatbots. This an effective way to service customers with recommendations and queries.

Our AI-enabled computer vision application has inbuilt abilities such as convolutional neural networks (CNN), deep neural networks (DNN), deep learning, etc. These advances can help you with easy image analysis, face recognition, data analysis, and contextual labelling.

At iKomet, we also provide AI consulting services where we first help your team understand the value and risks, pragmatically defining the capabilities needed for your organization to adopt and scale AI. Then work with them to incorporate the robotic, intelligent, and autonomous capabilities at the identified process levels.

Business Intelligence Solutions

The variety, volume, and velocity of big data would go untapped if companies did not embrace Business Intelligence and the power of data warehousing. Like every other technology, BI trends have also evolved over time.

At iKomet, our business intelligence consulting services are focussed on making data governance a top priority in the realm of BI. With data privacy and security regulations becoming stricter the advancements of data-powered technologies,

Data Governance will ensure data is acquired securely from approved sources, processed for ethical intents, shared exclusively with authorized personnel, and not held longer than the predefined timeline.

We limit your dependence on the analytics team to uncover the insights from data by providing you with Self-BI solutions. iKomet designs data visualization dashboards to accelerate data-driven decision-making by making data accessible to everyone under the organization’s umbrella to pave the way for a data-powered organizational culture.

Cognitive Services

Cognitive services and AI are related technologies that can be used together to add intelligent capabilities to applications. All it takes is an API call to lend your app the ability to see, hear, speak, search, understand, and accelerate decision-making. Our team has expertise in utilizing AI development and machine learning tools such as TensorFlow, Hugging Face, OpenCV, and PyTorch to add cognitive skills to apps and humanise the end users interaction with technology.

Our automated text extraction, language translation, speech APIs, natural language processing capabilities, computer vision services like identifying emotions through face recognition support in increasing efficiency and accelerating the overall productivity of your business. At iKomet we specialize in applying the latest AI technologies to enhance the competencies of various applications.

We use customizable, pre-trained models incorporating groundbreaking AI research to enable responsible use of Cognitive Services through containers, from cloud to edge, with the aid of industry-leading tools and guidelines

Conversational AI

The power of conversational AI has revolutionized customer relationship strategy for businesses. With the rapid and new advancements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the volume of interactions handled by intelligent virtual assistants increased by a whopping 250%.

iKomet helps setup messaging apps chatbots to provide personalized marketing approach. This e-commerce trend of locating businesses’ customer interactions on messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook chat etc. increases the chance of the end customer purchasing the product/service.

We leverage conversational AI by helping the employees at organizations use our intelligent virtual assistants to automate tasks for them - the chatbot having access to the CRM, ERP, financial automation tools can thus organize calendars, draft emails, extract and interpret data from databases, and more.

Our multimodal conversational AI tools respond to both text and voice and elevate the customer experience to a whole new level.

Data Visualization

Data is the new abundant. We at iKomet build customizable, intuitive, and intelligent dashboards to visualize data and take data-powered decisions. Our data visualization tools can access data from your data pipeline in real time. This provides access to data charts, graphs, maps, and heat maps across departments and helps employees to take smarter decisions.

We provide interactive visualization of your data - changing different views of the data and quickly drilling into the view.

iKomet’s data visualization services allow predicting the future trends which is critical for business executives to take clever decisions.

We also create data visualization content for your social media channels to help you stand out in a sea of text and spark higher engagement levels. Our experts use tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and D3.js to deliver high-quality data visualization solutions that meet clients' needs. iKomet services the integration of data visualization tools into existing systems and platforms

Robotic Process Automation Services

With our Robotic Process Automation services - you signup for a holistic upgrade of your enterprise. We help manage software bots to make your business profitable, flexible, and responsive. This system of automation uses rule-based software to accomplish business process actions at a high-volume, freeing up human resources to prioritize more complex tasks. iKomet enables you to integrate RPA technology without changing your existing IT infrastructure and saves employees the trouble of learning new tools or asking the IT team for support.

Our hybrid RPA bots notch up the automation levels by using the initial recordings of users interacting with apps to dynamically generate workflow automation on the backend. RPA and AI supplement each other well. We also facilitate connecting our RPA tools to AI modules that have capabilities like OCR, machine vision, natural language understanding, or decision engines to accelerate your digital transformation journey.

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