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Our consulting services help businesses identify and solve problems, while our ideation services help companies generate new ideas and concepts. We also offer product development services that take those ideas and turn them into tangible products, and implementation services that help businesses put those products into action. Additionally, we offer design thinking workshops, user research and testing, and prototyping and testing services to help businesses develop and test new products or services. Our digital transformation services, data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, digital marketing and e-commerce, and cloud computing services will help you to gain valuable insights, improve efficiency and scalability, and stay ahead of the competition.

We are dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes to innovate, disrupt and succeed. Contact us today to learn how we can help you unlock your business’s potential.

Center Of Excellence

Meet complex expectations with our cloud computing solution to handle advanced components of the IT infrastructure


Capitalizing on new ideas requires an innovation strategy that is aligned with business priorities and is agile enough to adapt to the evolving market landscape. iKomet’s IT infrastructure consulting experts understand the underlying architecture of businesses, and the pitfalls of products and services. We understand that a strategy is essential to streamline the chaos in innovation. Our IT consulting services are focused on designing an end-to-end strategy by understanding customer economics, attractive domains for innovation investment, and the strengths and weaknesses of your existing system. Followed by strategy building, our IT optimization consulting services ensure maximized returns on your investments by going from experimentation to execution. We have an extensive panel of IT security consulting experts with deep know-how on how to protect businesses and their innovations from cyber-attacks and build a robust secure business model.

iKomet stays ahead of the innovation curve through internal development, corporate venturing, in-house innovation labs etc.


iKomet has an elaborate experience in providing implementation consulting and implementation support services across various industry- verticals. Our innovations combined with the best industry practices and a proven system implementation & change management model make every customer derive value from the executions. We kick-start the product implementation process by setting measurable targets and aim to accomplish them within the set timeline. We have in-house change management methods to track, review, and orchestrate the progress of the product implementation processes.

Our skilled team of innovation consultants works towards aligning leadership to the execution of the program. Stakeholder management is our priority to ensure timely approvals and smooth execution.

What sets iKomet apart is an escalation matrix to deal with critical fallouts during the implementation stage.

Our service doesn't end with successful implementation of a product, it is followed up with training teams to allow long term execution commitment and sustainability

Product Development

ikomet’s product development consultants are skilled in the art of strategic creativity. With their deep expertise across industries, they excel in delivering comprehensive product prototyping and product development solutions. The messy process of bringing ideas to reality needs to be streamlined for quicker turnarounds that also hold a candle to the competition in the market. Our product development consulting process begins with identifying the market needs, researching the competition, ideating a solution, and building a minimum viable product. Our product engineering works with product stakeholders to produce an initial design mockup and check it for feasibility, desirability, and usability. We adopt an iterative, agile, cross-collaborative approach in the product development process.

Ikomet believes in continuous, comprehensive feedback and reworking the minimum viable product until it satisfies business needs and achieves product market fit.

We also test functionality by enlisting the help of team members and beta testers to quality assure development


Ideas are what the future is built on. Our ideation services are backed by in-depth research in the target market of the new product idea, understanding the user experience design models, evaluating the technical and business capabilities of the business to translate the product vision into reality, concept development, concept validation, and engaging stakeholders at all levels. Ideation services can be taken by companies, consulting firms, and innovation firms to help businesses and organizations to come up with exceptional ideas to improve their operations or to create new products and services.

iKomet's rich team of consultants provides strategic ideation services by using brainstorming tools that first focus on generating as many ideas as possible i.e. following the divergent approach, followed by clustering those ideas to see which ones can be brought to life. This feeds into an innovation strategy that helps you atomize the process of new product development.

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