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Optimize Your Infrastructure through Our Comprehensive Management Services Transform your business with the aid of our extensive infrastructure management services. Our highly skilled team offers a suite of services, including server administration, network surveillance, security measures, disaster recovery planning, and many others. Recognizing that each business has its own distinct characteristics, we customize our services to meet your individual needs. Our objective is to minimize disruptions, lower expenses, and enhance performance, freeing you to concentrate on achieving your core business goals.

Entrust your infrastructure to our care and witness your business transform.

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Optimized for business needs to facilitate and pivot the sustenance of your organization’s functions

Cloud Infrastructure

Our cloud infrastructure services design custom infrastructure components that are optimized for business-specific needs, such as power efficiency or workloads that include big data and AI. To effectively manage the extensive and complex hybrid cloud infrastructure of today's digital enterprise, modern IT operations are necessary to simplify the process of building, managing, and utilizing services within a hybrid or multi-cloud environment.

ikomet provides cloud migration services without refactoring any of your underlying architecture. Our cloud hosting services give you full control of the computing resources, flexible and efficient renting of hardware, and interoperability with legacy applications - your business becomes capable of analyzing volumes of data at a high computing speed, hosting scalable, and secure web applications, and setting up separate test and dev environments for the team.

Our team at iKomet enables companies to transform their infrastructure from a traditional, hardware-based approach, to a more contemporary, software-driven and smart methodology.

Core Infrastructure Support

At iKomet we help, pivot the business’s IT time from maintenance and resources to introducing new innovative services by building a healthy and optimised IT infrastructure for them. We understand your current operational details and gauge whether you require to refresh technology to newer operating systems or resize it based on staffing and projected growth. The pandemic was a wake-up call to all businesses to migrate from on-premise to the Cloud to make them more sustainable and secure with time. As a part of the core infrastructure support our team of experts provide a range of services including server management, network monitoring, security solutions, disaster recovery planning, proactive maintenance, and 24/7 technical support. We ensure a smooth lift-and-shift of your underlying IT infrastructure to the Cloud without any refactoring. We also understand your current wireless infrastructure and suggest the implementation of a new or upgraded network depending on your business needs


Our Devops services and tools revolutionize the software development process, drive innovation and deliver results unlike ever seen before. Our continuous integration and continuous deployment services utilizes industry-leading tools such as Ansible, Jenkins, Kubernetes to setup a pipeline spanning your software development journey. This helps you fail-fast and fail-forward as version check-ins of your code and the automated test cases show whether the software being built is meeting the desired needs and objectives. iKomet enables you to leverage the power of agile development to witness a quicker turn-around of minimum viable products which are fixed for issues and re-tested for its sanity levels. Our cloud automation services are targeted at assessing the cloud infrastructure at your organisation, identifying areas of automation, and setting up DevOps. DevOps automations at iKomet accelerate your productivity levels by stacking jobs across applications and letting them run in the background while you focus your energy on strategic decisions

Intelligent Business Services Monitoring

Ensure your business is always operating at its best with our Intelligent Business Services Monitoring. Our team of experts scale your business by first getting a clear idea of the applications & business services relationships and leverage this information to predict issues with proactive governance. We enable this by implementation of monitoring tools, tools integration into your IT infra, automated ticket creation, and incident management. We also provide real-time predictive diagnosis services using AIOps technology to prevent issues even before they occur. Ikomet also helps you keep a keen eye on IT infrastructure and business availability metrics with a business services dashboard and periodic reports and enables optimization of business growth. We design user-specific dashboard and generate usage and scheduled reports to allow the CXO team to analyze data, uncover insights, and use these data-driven insights to make strategic and futuristic decisions -

Unified IT Experience Desk

An IT experience desk is the first touch point for customers when faced with a problem. Traditional IT services desks are focused on ticket solutions than user engagement. iKomet troubleshoots this by unifying and elevating your IT support experience with our Unified IT Experience Desk services. Our automated call routing and ticket scoring services ensure that no employees are kept waiting when their laptops become non-compliant. We have a prioritization management tool to assess the criticality level of tickets and their resolutions Ikomet automates the major incident management process to provide a quick resolution time. Utilizing advanced automation and AI-based tools like chatbots provides fast and efficient support, while also ensuring a consistent and seamless experience for your users. Our IT desk services include advisory and process consulting to accelerate value realization from your service desk investments through proper knowledge management and best practices implementations for the new-age workforce.

Digital Workplace

With the world gone remote and now hybrid, businesses are in need of digital workplace solutions to tackle the evolving corporate landscape. ikomet's team of experts provide remote access solutions to employees connecting from any corner of the world. Our device management solutions provide adequate visibility and management over a broad range of devices and operating systems. ikomet's security compliance solutions are pre-approved, auditor-grade compliance programs you can launch in a matter of clicks and ease down your security compliance journey. We also setup and manage collaboration tools like G Suite and Office 365 to allow seamless secure communication in the organization.

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