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We understand that every business is unique and has its own set of challenges and goals and hence we take a customized approach to digital transformation. Our team of experts have a deep understanding of the latest technologies and industry trends, and we work hand in glove with our clients to develop a strategy that aligns with their business objectives

Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises to help improve operational efficiency, enhance customer engagement, or create new revenue streams

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Revolutionize your business with digital transformation: innovate, streamline, and succeed in today’s world.

AI & Automation

Legacy systems are a thing of yesterday. The present is powered by AI solutions that automate routine business operations and free up the workforce for more critical tasks. With intelligent automation, humans and machines can work together more effectively, allowing for more proactive decision-making and freeing up employees from repetitive tasks. This empowers your team to focus on more complex, innovative, and transformative work. As a result, your organization can quickly implement changes and create comprehensive business value from all angles. Our algorithms mine your data, identify patterns and help you take data-powered decisions. iKomet helps accelerate the integration of Artificial Intelligence into front-line activities and decisions. We have deep expertise in the following artificial intelligence and automation domains at iKomet: Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Generation (NLG), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Image Recognition, Computer Vision, Robotics, Deep Learning, and Machine Learning

Product Design and Development

We are in the golden age of digital transformation and the secret sauce of a digitally revolutionized business is - research and design. While migration to the digital landscape is a given, the power of design in digital transformation is under-utilized. Our product design services ensure that before businesses launch an idea as a product or service, we validate them and mitigate the possible risks.

Companies jump right from ideation to production to avoid addressing the inevitable ambiguities in between. Our product design professionals are equipped to deal with this stage of convoluted thinking and help you become risk proof.

Our product design team researches through shadowing, observing, and interviewing the target audience to understand whether the company’s new idea will hold the fort. We employ design thinking methodologies and technologies such as 3D modelling to branch off different concept designs and later fine tune fine-tune to reach a solid resolution.


iKomet offers a comprehensive range of cloud services aimed at helping you derive maximum value from your investment. We understand that cloud involves more than just technology, so our solutions encompass workforce and culture change to ensure long-term success.

We enable setting up remote work models, scale resources on demand, and minimize the overhead costs in maintaining physical data for employees to focus their energies on creating what matters.

iKomet understands business needs and builds the right cloud strategy to modernize your apps - from hybrid cloud strategy and architecture consulting to cloud migration and modernization. Our team’s cloud expertise accelerates your journey to hybrid cloud, drives cost efficiency, and amps up revenue and productivity. And it is imperative to recognize that digital technology is one of the enablers of sustainability

Data Analytics

At Ikomet, we help you process huge volumes of data with our data mining capabilities and uncover trends and seasonality patterns to empower your data-driven decision making skills. Our data visualization dashboards are rich with predictive analytics, statistical analytics, descriptive analytics

Our data engineering models build comprehensive data tools that aggregate data from different company software's(Market, CRM, Accounting, HR), data warehouses, data behind firewalls and cloud platforms and generate dynamic data visualizations for teams to use these insights in a collaborative manner.

We are the one-stop shop for providing data-driven insights that help identify new growth opportunities, business process improvements, target market segmentation, and aid businesses in planning future roadmaps proactively.

Experience Design and Development

iKomet brings mobility solutions to the forefront of your digital transformation journey. We design solid mobile strategies that help businesses tap into the huge audience, open new markets with unrecognized potential and offer simplified product distribution. Ikomet creates a mobile-first strategy by expanding revenue channels or increasing the margins of existing ones. Mobile apps offer a wide variety of monetization strategies, including paid products, in-app purchases, gamification elements, upgrades, and premium capabilities.

We help you become mobile-first by assessing the businesses mobile maturity level first. The existing products are optimised for mobile users by ensuring that the backend systems - microservices architecture and RESTful APIs are tailored to use mobile tools.

We follow an iterative software development approach to build a robust, lean mobile experience. Ikomet’s experience design and development services assist businesses optimise their mobile strategy, secure their mobile data and enhance the user experience.

Enterprise Application Services

Enterprise web and mobile applications are the beating heart of businesses. It is a one-stop shop to showcase your products and services, create an online presence, brand your identity, achieve sales targets, and strengthen customer relationships.

We help you be in touch with your target market by designing seamless, responsive, and user-friendly web and mobile apps. A healthy mix of the brand's offerings and value proposition is the recipe for a greater conversion rate. We build CTAs, not bolt them on our design.

The analytics and demographics from our tailor made enterprise web and app design helps you formulate productive marketing strategies and align the digitals with the organization's goals.

Our web apps and software scale with your evolving functional and features needs - successfully sustaining market competition. Your data is safe with us - cyber threats never see the light of the day at ikomet.

Social Media Marketing

Companies go from ``corporates`` to ``communities`` with optimized social profiles and customers influenced by their products and services offering. Selling in the digital disruptive era is like selling the citizenship of a new planet - a place where company's offerings become a way of living and being.

Our content strategies are the right mix of - informational, emotional, and promotional. From priming the messaging to your target audience to extracting insights on strategy and reach - we build roadmaps and make it a reality.

We master the inbound approach and know when to shift to employing granular targeting capabilities through paid advertising


We leverage IOT to service greater levels of customization, faster production, and better productivity by collecting huge volumes of actionable data and using it for predictive maintenance.

Our IOT solutions are focused at outlining the business context and identitying areas where IOT can accelerate the processes to achieve business goals. Our edge computing services allow connected IOT devices and sensors to quickly send information to operations and enable better decision making with the help of real-time analytics.

Gathering and collating the data is a key aspect of an IoT strategy and we enable it by developing coherent machine learning algorithms and analytics to make smart decisions based on the valuable insights.

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