Integrating Technology For Seamless Collaboration

We have a profound knowledge of servicing powerful solution that seamlessly integrates multiple technologies and devices to improve efficiency, automate processes, and enable real-time decision-making. This type of platform brings together communication systems, IoT devices, and data analytics tools to create a cohesive and streamlined ecosystem that allows organizations to collect, process, and act on data from multiple sources.

The connected convergence platform makes it easy to monitor, manage and automate operations, resulting in greater productivity and cost savings. It’s a must-have solution for organizations looking to stay competitive in today’s digital landscape.

Center Of Excellence

To elevate the digital experience of a business, embracing technical advancements in the redesign effort is a must


The future of Customer Relationship Management must be flexible, intuitive, and collaborative to be successful. Our sales and marketing automation services are designed to show how departments support customers at each point of the sales funnel. This interdepartmental alignment ensures pointed campaigns, higher quality leads, and an in-depth understanding of customer preferences and behavior.

iKomet handholds corporations in their CRM data migration journey by conducting extensive pre-migration research, designing a custom data import strategy, and providing training and support for the new CRM. To sell on the move and free your employees from desktops and PCs, we provide customized mobile customer relationship management services. To top it all, we add cloud storage to mobile CRMs for sales reps to access live information and share files and background information from whichever device they are logged into. With CRM data at your fingertips, you utilize time qualitatively on sales and less on administrative tasks

Digital Marketing

As customers continue to evolve, it's becoming increasingly challenging to surpass their expectations within the marketing ecosystem. Decades of digital confusion within marketing organizations have resulted in an ever-expanding array of channels, touch points, and tools that further complicate the process. The complexity of this shift is constantly growing, and there is a vast amount of data to sift through. Our digital marketing strategies are proven to create a community of profitable and interactive customers by leveraging data analytics, automation, personalization, A/B testing, and integration with other marketing technologies. iKomet expertise lies in creating, launching, and managing intricate marketing networks that use technology and data to facilitate effective communication with specific buyers on a large scale. iKomet understands the diversity of online traffic on the varied social media channels and creates unique strategies for each, while also ensuring cross-channel integration and consequently higher conversion rates.

Digital Experience

Delivering unified and optimized digital experiences across channels of customer interaction

Our DXP for enterprise services deliver a unified and optimized experience across all customers' digital touch points. In an omni channel era, we bring customer centricity and personalization by tracking interaction across the customer’s lifecycle and extracting data to help you leverage the demographics, transactional and campaign insights to drive marketing and engagement strategies.

Inconsistent brand messaging is a strict no-no. Our DXP services centralize the voice of campaigns across all customer channels and lead to greater customer experience managemet through multiple channels, analyze data, and create personalized experiences that drive engagement and conversions.

High-performing teams are built on collaboration and unified dissemination of information across all departments and our customer data platform helps businesses achieve that.

Siloed applications and tools don't make organizations go from good to great, but integrated technology solutions delivering exceptional customer experience definitely do-

Customer Experience

Customer expectations from brands have evolved over time - they now expect personalization from brands, a smooth omnichannel experience, and intelligent customer service available 24x7. iKomet enables you to help your customers control their own narrative throughout the customer journey with our multiple customer experience services. Moreover, we fuse channels to engage customers with a more powerful and memorable experience - creating phygital customer experiences. Phygital is the next stage of the omnichannel concept - we marry the digital with the real-world experiences.

Our Customer Experience Automation services tie knowledge work automation and conversation automation to interface with backend systems to complete essential jobs. With iKomet's customer experience management tools, businesses empathize with customers by understanding the customer lifecycle to drive engagement and warn loyalty.

With our extraordinary data analytics services, we help you predict consumer precise behavior and solidify brand and customer loyalty and drive data-driven marketing and sales decisions.

Social Listening

From tracking mentions of your brand’s name on social media in real-time to tracking competing brands, trending patterns, and conducting sentimental analysis relevant for your business needs - iKomet's social listening services are a holistic view on brand identity, areas of excellence and improvement.

We offer a proactive approach to strengthen your brand’s voice on the internet by listening to all conversations online and translating these talks to actionable insights which can be further leveraged by you to make strategic decisions. Our social listening agenda is putting the brand’s customers at the heart of the business, understanding their pains and gains, observing the changing trends and collating these learnings to drive an intent-driven branding strategy

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