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iKomet specializes in enhancing the operational efficiency, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness of legacy applications. We utilize cutting-edge technologies and architectural frameworks to undertake re-architecture, re-platforming, re-factoring, and re-writing of applications, enabling you to leverage the benefits of cloud computing, microservices, and artificial intelligence. Our seasoned team of specialists will collaborate with you to comprehend your business objectives and formulate a modernization strategy to meet your needs.

Through our services, you can upgrade your obsolete applications into contemporary, high-performing, and secure solutions, which will help you maintain a competitive edge in today’s dynamic environment.

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Application Management

Enterprise Applications are the beating heart of an organization. We, at Ikomet, understand the multitude of unexpected fallouts that happen with enterprise applications and ensure their quick revival and improved application performance throughout.

We provide a platform-centric approach for Application Management Services that makes application management agile, intelligent, integrated, resilient and business aligned thereby enabling enterprises realize the live enterprise vision.

We help to constantly monitor telemetry data to proactively identify anomalies, draw insights and correlations by applying AI and ML algorithms and trigger auto healing actions to prevent application outages and improve the system resiliency following systems requirements engineering principles.

Enterprise Mobile Transformation

ikomet brings mobility solutions to the forefront of your digital transformation journey. We design solid mobile strategies that help businesses tap into the huge audience, open new markets with unrecognised potential and offer simplified product distribution. Ikomet creates a mobile-first strategy by expanding revenue channels or increasing the margins of existing ones. We also provide mobile app development services for ``on the move`` access to your business.

Our mobile device management services are a proven mix of strategy and tools that help manage laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, wearables and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. We have adequate visibility and management over a broad range of devices and operating systems.

iKomet's mobile security solutions are designed to protect the organization's mobile endpoints and increase the level of their security posture to comply with a zero trust architecture.

Packaged Application

iKomet's application packaging services ensure that companies can deliver high-quality software updates timely and non-intrusively and remain competitive with other businesses.

With a newly updated application being boarded to your existing system architecture, there is a possibility of conflicts between the new and old packaging applications. We identify packaging tools to address these conflicts effectively.

Ikomet understands the business needs and groups application packages by department so that you can allocate software for individual business units based on their specific needs. Our team of expert IT professionals is skilled at understanding the technical data of each application package and deploying them to ensure your deliverables meet the user needs.

We use virtual machines for user application testing to validate that the created package is completely functional and works as intended. Ikomet leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that no critical information is lost or corrupted during the deployment of the application packages. We introduce further quality assurance for the product by slowly releasing it to specific controlled groups incrementally.

Application Migration and Modernization

Application modernization trends shape the way users interact with companies and impact the kind of experience brands can provide. We provide low-code/no-code application development to ensure that your applications are at par with the evolving challenges of the tech space.

iKomet modernizes your application portfolio by migrating applications to the native cloud. This allows companies to deliver flexible, responsive, innovative solutions that are continually improved and optimized based on user feedback.

iKomet levels up the user experience by translating applications seamlessly across connected devices.

ikomet also modernizes the application architecture by tracking user behavior to tailor applications suitable to their preferences and needs. We provide location-based targeting and personalized e-commerce as application Modernization Services leveraging the power of the Internet of BehavIOB(IoB).

Overall, iKomet ensures that the application's architecture reflects the current best practices or follows the most up-to-date application development practices.

Cloud Transformation

To build the leading digital enterprise of tomorrow, we are witnessing a mad dash to the cloud. iKomet enables your cloud transformation journey every step of the way to deliver business resilience. Our cloud consulting services start with conducting cloud assessments to understand where you are at in your cloud adoption journey.

After a comprehensive analysis of your business and cloud needs, we lay down a solid modernized cloud strategy. This could range from anything to migrating data from an on-premise architecture to cloud, cloud integration and deployment into your business applications, or cloud governance to ensure a smooth transition.

Businesses with existing cloud architecture seek our cloud consulting services to modernise their cloud applications so that they remain up to date with the evolving tech trends. We also secure the life cycle of cloud-native applications. For business with a multi cloud strategy we use security tools for consistent policy and governance across a multi cloud landscape.

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