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We pride ourselves in being a premier tech consulting company, we specialize in providing unparalleled services to help our clients achieve unparalleled business outcomes, drive operational excellence, and optimize efficiency. At the heart of our service area is a comprehensive and fully-integrated 360-degree approach, which spans the entire spectrum of consulting, planning, and implementation.

Amplify the competencies of contemporary digital commerce through transformation.
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Technological advancements in support of the next generation
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Meet complex expectations with our cloud computing solution to handle advanced components of the IT infrastructure
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For organizations to drive digital experiences, it is imperative to embrace technological innovation and reconfigure business models.
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Digital infrastructure and services facilitate the sustenance of your enterprise's operational functions.
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To enhance the digital experience of and elevate professionalism, businesses must incorporate technological advancements into their redesign efforts
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Creating New Ways For Business To Do Business

We reinvent not only to lower your costs but also transform your business.

Delivering Business Impact Faster

Technology & collaborative approaches to creating business value


iKomet prides on a culture of self-organization and ownership, wherein our arduous recruitment strategy ensures the selection top-tier technocrats and fostering a continuous learning environment characterized by passionate engagement, resulting in high retention rates. By fostering a “can-do” attitude, we augment our success and encourage periodic sharing of benefit realization with stakeholders, which ultimately leads to the timely and incremental achievement of world-class people excellence.


We practice what we preach. iKomet has embraced the principles of enterprise DevOps which involves an unwavering commitment to continuous release planning for our minimum viable product. To achieve this goal, we implement a comprehensive suite of automated quality gates for build verification and validation, static code analysis, code quality, unit testing, and functional effectiveness. Furthermore, we employ a feedback amplification methodology, supported by technology and delivery landscape standardization across both our development and IT functions. By implementing such quality gates, we ensure that our products are built with the highest possible level of quality across all phases of development.


The team at iKomet comprises of highly skilled technology experts who undertake a thorough analysis of business needs, assesses existing IT solutions, and identifies key areas of focus that are essential for a successful transformation roadmap that incorporates the best possible technology landscape. Our delivery team of techpreneurs is well-versed in a wide range of technology landscapes, from legacy systems to modernized core technologies. Regular reskilling of our associates based on the latest market trends and engagement requirements ensures that we can effectively create cross-functional teams that are ready for unique projects.