Data is the new Atom!
We at iKomet strive to help communities around imbibing the simplification fabric for each customer who come our way

OUR Mission

To enhance lives of communities around and help clients by delivering simple solutions solving their complex business problems in this VUCA Digital world

Our Vision

The go to company for instant simplified Digital solutions

About iKomet

Our intrepid motto is Delivering “Growth by Accelerating Digital Transformation

We are full stack technological consulting company that associates with your enterprise towards digital transformation of technology requirements from ideation to execution.

Our comprehensive bouquet of software product engineering services and solutions delivers results that are scalable and sustainable. In short, we package all your web, mobility, analytics and automation needs to meet your business objectives

We work together for your business to blaze a trail. We are power-packed service professionals with world class technocrats and a team of determined engineers who deal with zeal to innovate and work


Our crew has demonstrated a “Can-do” approach which resulted in nurturing a collaborative and supportive environment. This results in retaining the best talents for our business


Our robust skills, forward thinking & expert guidance created a long-term relationship which results in relevant and consistent deliverables


Our team is driven to meet client needs with determination and perseverance. We embrace tough situations and do not rest until the problem gets solved in the right way

Engineering technology for future ecosystem

We are working towards an ecosystem that can fulfill the social, economic and environmental needs of present and future generations that pledges by adopting a sustainable framework to meet the vision

Sustainability permeates our value proposition which is a fundamental part of the iKomet culture and strategy since its inception that has become real – a critical part of every decision we make. iKomet’s sustainability invades our value structure and it is an essential part of our culture and stratagem

Story Behind Our Mission

iKomet is already on a Mission focused towards providing an end-to-end flexible, accessible and integrated solutions. Our purpose is to deliver solutions with simple logics but effective results

Thus said, our motto is driving innovation to influence the global development. To obtain that we are committed with our diversified team of 50+ people from different beliefs, cultures and background to make us more innovative

iKomet always believes in Initiate, Innovate and Integrate

Our Approach towards Uniqueness

Flat Organization

Every team member takes pride to make an impactful decision in their area of work. And it is a school of thought to have a great transparency and flow of ideas, which is a solution for the current organizational problems than the fixed teams force

Our Culture

We feel communication as a greater advantage over any of our clients which has resulted in empowering us from ground zero. At iKomet, we give our team to explore to the extreme with our clients but our innovation lab in the backend make them productive and strong across division from execution till implementation

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