The Web – 2000 vs 2020

iKomet Web Design – Riding On The Crest Of The Present

The web remains the point of culmination for almost all online transactions and communication. Although mobile apps have captured a significant difference when it comes to the consumer-facing digital space, the enterprise arena is still dominated by websites.

iKomet brings its vast expertise of handling enterprise web solutions development into the forefront. Our understanding of the landscape of technology, the expectations of people, and the factors that distinguish the mediocre from the excellent make us one of the best enterprise web development companies.

As a technology services provider, our aim is not to be on the Crescent but to be at the edge of the present that faces the future. After all, technology is about not being aware of today but about the boom prepared for tomorrow.

The Differences

The internet is about three decades old. However, access to the web was confined to a handful of people onto the turn of the new millennium. In these 20 years, the web has transformed a lot in terms of multiple aspects and attributes.

As mathematics would dictate, it might not be possible to extrapolate with just one point of reference. If we were to look at how things were and are, it would be easy to predict how things will be.

The Modularity

Remember the times when you had to open Microsoft Notepad on your Windows NT system and write the HTML code? Your ego had to complete the entire website or not do it at all. Today, however, the development has become modular not only in terms of technology but also in terms of process.

The multitude of new technologies, the different manifestations, and the benefits that they bring along make it extremely easy and efficient to create web solutions today.

The Speed

No, we are not talking just about the Internet speeds. We are talking about the way in which technology has been used to increase the swiftness of website experience. With the introduction of technologies like Ajax, .NET, and the various avatars of JavaScript like Angular and React, it becomes possible for the interactions to be faster and more accurate.

The Technology

What was just confined to a handful of names like HTML and PHP has now diversified into multiple avenues of technology including but not limited to JavaScripts and its manifestations. The separation of concerns enabled by technology ensures that one part can be kept intact while modifying the other, thanks to the modularity.

The Expectations

We cannot any longer afford to visualize a person sitting in front of a desktop computer, keying in the URL, and accessing your website. Enterprise web portals have transformed in terms of their functionality, and consequently, their expectations. The web experience needs to be immersive and intuitive, and above everything, interactive.

The weather is supposed to function in such a way that it not only takes care of communication but also marketing, capturing leads, and even the tasks of entertainment and engagement without compromising on the integrity of the brand.

Understanding The Perception

As much as building an enterprise whether it’s about technology, it is also about art. There is nothing cold right or wrong in art. There are only the ones that are accepted and the ones that are rejected. When it comes to enterprise web, it is important to understand the perception of people with respect to every element that goes into building your grand enterprise web portal.

It is true that it might not be possible to achieve 100% perfection. Thanks to the modularity and the swiftness in development enabled by new technologies, it is possible to move closer to perfection faster than ever before.

iKomet’s Enterprise Web Design Services

The essential element of building a splendid enterprise web solution lies in the holistic understanding of all the factors mentioned above. iKomet, with its expertise in all the latest technologies, front end and back in frameworks, design, and security ensures that your enterprise web solution compliance with the highest standards of quality.

If an all-encompassing enterprise web solution is something your brand is looking for, drop us in a line over the phone or email. Let us collaborate and take your enterprise web forward, putting your ideas and our expertise together.

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