The Relevance of iKomet’s Testing as a Service

IKomet has always focused on simplification in the interest of our customers. One of the services that we offer resonating with this endeavor is testing as a service. iKomet is proud to have a team of Quality Control professionals who exhibit the attitude of positive pessimism – they intend to find bugs in some of the most impossible addresses of the code.

The Vestigial Vitality of Testing

Today, the process of development has evolved to be highly efficient. Useful tools and resources have been introduced to make development accurate. It has resulted in the creation of a lot of products that are impeccable and uncompromising on utility and intuitiveness.

On the surface, it might seem that testing has become obsolete. However, testing has moved from checking the quality of code to other areas like gauging the vulnerability and the possibilities of security breaches. If we have to bring some classic definitions in physics, testing has moved from one area to another but its relevance has remained constant.

The Cost of Testing – In Long-Term

The introduction of the web and mobile applications has tilted the world of technology towards the building of products. Although the products might require extensive testing in the beginning, the need for testing the product exponentially decreases with time and flattens out eventually.

The Effectiveness of Resources

When you hire resources for testing, remunerating them becomes a cost for your organization done an investment. Terminating employees might result in some drastic tarnishing of your professional image, especially at a time when negative communication has a lot of possibilities of spread far and wild.

This situation puts companies in a bit of a tricky crossroads. While hiring testers might not be a great idea in the long run, they cannot afford to tarnish the image of their products by releasing them into the market without due testing.

TaaS – The Solution

This is where the relevance of Testing as a Service or TaaS as it is commonly abbreviated comes in. We have seen the ‘as a Service’ suffix get a test with a lot of technical dimensions including but not limited to software and platforms.

TaaS extends this method of services into the world of testing. Just like how its software and platform counterparts function, TaaS is all about outsourcing the process of testing to another company.

This brings a lot of advantages to the product building company. The most obvious one is that they do not have to worry about recruiting and maintaining a dedicated testing team. In addition, they can focus their resources on perfecting the product, enhancing it with features, and studying the demands of the market to repeat the process.

Its Relevance in DevOps and Agile Methodologies

If we were to time travel by a couple of decades and talk about the concept of TaaS, people might have laughed it off as yet another fanciful figment of imagination. Today, because of the growing prominence of DevOps and Agile methodologies, TaaS is gaining acceptance.

In the Agile methodology, if the TaaS team identifies a series of bugs in different areas of development and design, each team can address it independently, resulting in a faster perfection of the product. TaaS also falls in line with DevOps practices where collaboration is of paramount importance.

What to look for when you choose your TaaS partner

On the surface, it might seem like a great idea. However, when you choose your TaaS partner, you will have to take into consideration a lot of aspects like their experience, the clientele, and the areas of testing in which your TaaS partner specializes. You can even consider analyzing the products that your TaaS company has tested.

iKomet’s Offerings

iKomet brings you the testing thing that is experienced both vertically and horizontally. On one dimension, the testing team at iKomet can handle all aspects including but not limited to the user interface, security, penetration, and regression. iKomet also carries with it, and experience of working with multiple industries.

If you would like to avail of the TaaS services of iKomet, all you need to do is get in touch with our team. We will take care to understand and a laser requirement and take it forward in the direction of efficiency and profitability.

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