The Key Elements of A Classy Enterprise Web App

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iKomet understands that the web is not just about lines of code and pieces of content. Our web development services are in line with the industry’s best practices and are designed to bring the ‘enterprise’ character in every element.
It has been about 30 years since the launch of the first public website on 6 August 1991 at CERN. Maybe the platform of consumption has moved from bulky desktop computers to sleep mobile devices. However, in all of this, it cannot be denied that the website remains the primary source of information and the web as it is serves as the backbone of global communication.

Enterprises have been the first to embrace this new technology, and today, with the crowd in the webspace, it becomes imperative for these enterprises to stand out in terms of their finesse and classiness.

What Makes A Great Enterprise Web?

The distinction in terms of professionalism and authenticity that an enterprise web solution possesses can be defined under the following umbrellas:

Intuitiveness – Enterprise web is about fast interaction. Therefore, the web solution should be intuitive and the user should find the next steps where they are most likely to navigate next!

Interactiveness – the web solution should respond to every action and should also guide users on what would follow. An interactive web presence is of paramount importance for an enterprise web.

Professional Presence – In the endeavor to achieve intuitiveness and interactiveness, the professional tone of the website should not be compromised. The fonts, the spacing, and even the colors should be properly taken care of.

Navigability – The purpose of any website is in sharing that information is systematically available and the string of questions that a visitor might have are properly answered. Therefore, the user should not have any issue in flawlessly navigating and locating the next link that they might need to access.

Security – The emphasis on security needs no further explanation. Simple security measures like an SSL encryption, two factor authentication, separation of concerns, and having it hosted on a secure server will take the security of your website up by a couple of notches.

Responsiveness – Today, we cannot any longer offered to visualize a person sitting in front of a desktop computer and accessing your website. It has become so diverse that even when we confine to mobile devices, there are different screen sizes and Internet speed. Your web presence has to be flawlessly rendered across all devices and different screen sizes.

Availability – the last thing that you would want your customers to experience is them being met with a 404 error when they try to access your website. The website should not throw any errors of unavailability.

Understanding Enterprise With Empathy

Often, people think about enterprise unidimensionally. Creating an enterprise web solution, however, is a creative convergence of expertise and empathy. It is not just enough to know the technology that goes behind the website but it is equally important to understand the user who sits in front of the website!

The web solution should carry with it, the elements of authenticity. The ‘I’ve seen this somewhere’ should be kept away from your users by all means. Your enterprise web should be unique in its flavor. It shouldn’t use the so-called ‘templates’ that are scattered all over the Internet.

Technology needs to be looked at as a tool of enablement, and it needs to converge at providing an impeccable experience for the user. The technology should be as future-proof as possible. Although it might not be practically possible to create an enterprise web solution that will infinitely stand the test of time, it is surely recommended that you go with the latest technology.

iKomet’s Salient Offerings

iKomet brings you a combined understanding of both the code and the user. Our vast experience in building enterprise web solutions and our learnings from every project that we have undertaken comes to the forefront and positioning us as one of the best enterprise web design solution providers.

The services of iKomet are accessible over email and phone. Our expert team of web developers will take care to understand the requirement and deliver you a customized enterprise web solution resonant with your business needs.

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