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The Internet that was largely confined to devices and gizmos that mandated a proactive interaction has now been pushed to the passive front. It has resulted in the birth of a new breed of technology known by the common expression “Internet of things”, commonly abbreviated IoT.

iKomet, with its understanding of the possibilities, and factors like security and privacy, brings you complete and holistic IoT solutions. this new tech-manifestation has the capability to transform any field that is willing to try out its benefits.

Healthcare and Technology – the Odd Couple 

For a long time in history, Healthcare has been a field that has been quite resistant to any revolution from technology. Although scientific advancements like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) have made the field more accurate and capable, it has always maintained a small yet pronounced distance from mainstream technology like the Internet… Until recently!

Bringing in Tech in Everyday Healthcare 

The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects have literally brought healthcare to every smartphone! The doctor on-demand applications and the availability of medical consultations online can be considered a leapfrog transformation for the world of healthcare.

The calls for social distancing and the aversion that has stuck common people when it comes to visiting hospitals has been a huge catalyst to this growth. Following closely and clinging to the heels of this transformation, IoT can be expected to revolutionize healthcare, at least with respect to a few basic yet essential medical requirements.

IoT – The Connected Devices – How Do They Work? 

As you may have known, a few parameters like the height, weight, the blood oxygen level [SPO2], blood pressure, and the density of a few hormones determine the general health of a person. Today, the diagnosis is heavily dependent on medical diagnostic centers, and there might be instances when the results might not be available immediately, further jeopardizing the chances of survival of the patient, especially in case of critical conditions.

If all these parameters can be monitored using devices, it makes it easy not only for doctors but also for providing emergency care if there is some unwelcome fluctuations in the values. This is one of the most basic applications of IoT for healthcare. With huge amounts of data, it can also bring in the advantages of big data, making it easy for administrative bodies to do the needful in case of a projected epidemic.

IoT devices basically combine the functionality of traditional devices and digitize the information. Beyond basic digitization, it also takes care to transmit the information to or through an Internet-enabled device.

The Simple-Yet-Salient Advantages

Bringing the wide-area network called the Internet into the equation increases the possibilities of inter-operability, intervention-less communication, and above everything, reducing the susceptibility of data security breaches because of human handling.

IoT can also be programmed to automate emergency responses in case of certain parameters breaching the safe levels. It can also pave way for creating a network of emergency response solutions like simultaneously alerting an ambulance to report to a certain location while at the same time, informing a medical shop nearby of the emergency, so they can reach the destination at the right time. It has all the credentials required to make healthcare more immediate, accessible, and accurate.

What Solutions can iKomet Provide?

It is universally agreeable that healthcare is more about “health” and “care” rather than technology. It is quite evident from regulatory requirements like HIPAA that health data is extremely sensitive and needs to be handled with utmost care. iKomet brings you IoT solutions in the field of healthcare.

Our technical expertise, our exposure to the global healthcare industry, and our capacity to balance Data versatility and security will stand in the forefront in proving why we are the best IoT development company when it comes to healthcare.

If you are a visionary entrepreneur in the field of healthcare and would like to incorporate technology into your offerings, you can contact our development team to let us know of your requirement. They will take care to understand and execute your IoT project and deliver it to you, so you can deliver enhanced healthcare to your clients.

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